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Overseas Filipino Workers are estimated to be at 2.3 million worldwide. Most of them send money and balikbayan box back home to support their families’ financial needs and every want. Every time the holiday season rolls in, we all know that it will be the time when more wishes and wants will be expressed. As a loving OFW you misses his/her family, you have no strength to say no to your loved ones’ requests.

Needless to say, OFW life is full of commitments and obligations that must be met on a regular basis. This leads to making savings and other liquefiable assets not enough to meet the needs. In case of financial emergencies, OFWs look for other options that can best fit the objectives.

In our modern digital era, there are now financial solutions that can meet your purpose. There are too many OFW loans in the market. Many are offered online to give the most possible convenience. How will you know which one is the best for you?

Loan Amount
₱ 5,000
Payment Schedule(Estimate for every 7 days)

1st Week

2nd Week

3rd Week

2nd Week


Total Repayment
(interest included)

What is an OFW Loan?

An OFW loan is another type of a personal loan which is specifically offered to Filipinos working abroad. OFWs and their families have unique needs and want. Perhaps, most OFWs use their loans for their home renovations, to enjoy a holiday or to avail a medical emergency procedure.

Many OFWs get their salary on a monthly basis and the long in-between period makes expenses unpredictable and the budgeting gets more challenging. Aside from the family's budget back home, you will also have to think about your own living expenses abroad. An OFW loan gives you financial flexibility when you need it the most.

OFW Loan Online

Whether you want to sponsor a special occasion back home, pay for your child’s tuitions fee, or any kind of emergency, OFW loan online is the easiest and the most affordable way to getting the extra cash that you need.

It gets better:

OFW loan online has more to offer than what meets the eyes.

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